Who We Are

Canadian Organic QAQC Inc.’s aim is to increase confidence in our clients’ good nature. We promote your good practices to consumers through an easily accessed Quick Response mark. Our goal is to increase consumer awareness of the quality of food eaten, drugs consumed, and services rendered; with an emphasis on organic.

Health-minded consumers are asking for more information about the products they buy. They want to know the history of a product, where it is produced, who produces it, how the production takes place, and why it is handled or processed. We agglomerate and advertise your various certifications, practices and ethics to increase consumer awareness and confidence in you and your products.

Through our services, you can showcase to customers, and potential customers, what you do to meet or exceed minimums required by regulations and certifying bodies.

Member Benefits

  • COQAQC Ethics

    We do not “fiat-certify” any claims. Our mark is a non-bias access point so consumers can make an informed decision.

  • Good Practices

    Our platform easily and conveniently conveys to consumers the good practices you undertake in maintaining product quality and safety. These may include Canada GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), Food Safe, Canada GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), Organic Certifications and compliance with international standards.

  • Laboratory Reports

    All analyses are conducted by Health Canada approved laboratories. Reports are accessible to the public through a QR mark. The only alteration we will make to reports is to exclude personal information at your request.

  • Verification Officers Report

    As a client of COQAQC, your organic verification process can be communicated to consumers: the stage you are in, the progress you are making, and the reasoning behind your strategies. Consumers are reassured by having access to this valid information. Currently there is no requirement for Organic Certified producers to disclose reports by their certifying bodies. We build on guidelines and regulations by making information available directly to the public. At our clients’ request, COQAQC makes information accessible to everyone – at the click of a button.

  • Our Mark

    We offer the use of the Canadian Organic QAQC mark, attached to our clients’ individual Quick Response (QR) code without bias. Any claim made by our clients is verified on the QR directed page by accepted standardised means. Our mark is an access point to verified claims by Organic Certifying Bodies, laboratory results, or other recognised regulatory processes.

  • Quick Response (QR) Page

    Our platform increases consumer confidence quickly and easily where it matters: at point of purchase. “Where, when, how, why, and by who” are questions modern health-conscious consumers are asking with every purchase. Through COQAQC, you convey information that would otherwise be a mystery to consumers.

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Canadian Organic Quality Assurance and Quality Control Inc.

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