Terms of Use

COQAQC Service

By signing on to be a member of COQAQC, Clients will be granted access to a personalized QR code that directs traffic to the clients' information page and COQAQC Verification Officers report.


Annual subscription fee $120 + GST


Third party health canada approved analysis are done on a case by case basis. COQAQC does not charge for these services, but in most cases require these analysis as part of the complete verification process. For COQAQC to confirm the vaidity of a third party analytical report, the un-altered report must be presented to COQAQC VO directly from the third-party laboratory. The VO works with the Client to determine what information should be published on the VO section of the clients' page.

Information Exclusion

Information on analysis reports that confirms or contradicts "claims" made by the client must be included in the VO report. Alternatively, the client can remove the claim in question from the client edited section of the QR linked page if the VO is unable to confirm the client's attestation.

Limited Liability

COQAQC is not responsible for information and liabilities that has not been made available to COQAQC for verification.

COQAQC takes information provided by it's clients, and determined the most reasonable methods to confirm these claims.


1 Year Membership - Canadian Organic Quality Assurance and Quality Control ($120)

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GST: $

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